5 Important WhatsApp Features

The WhatsApp messenger is one of the most revolutionary ways to communicate these days, and the fact that over 190 million people use it globally is a testament to this. People from nearly all nations in the world use it to communicate with each other in a cheap, fun and convenient manner, and the popularity of the app is set to increase in future. Some of the features that make it so popular include:

1. Group Chat

With WhatsApp, it is very easy for you to create a group that you can then use as a forum to chat. You can even have more than one group, which makes it easier for you to organize your life. Using this feature, you can cut down on the cost of communication, since sending any message to all the members of the group will only cost as much as sending the message to one person.

2. Delivery Notifications

One problem that many people face with any means of messaging is not having the ability to know whether the message was delivered. WhatsApp makes this very easy, since it has a delivery notification that indicates this.

3. Message Archiving

With WhatsApp, you can easily archive past messages for future reference if needed. The fact that these messages are stored on WhatsApp servers means that even if you lose your phone, you will still have access to them.

4. Multimedia Sharing

The app makes it easy for people to share much more than just text messages. You can use the app to send video and images as well, making it one of the most versatile messaging platforms.

5. Compatibility with All Devices

The app has been designed for to be used on a wide variety of devices and OSs. You don’t have to change your phone in order to install it, and you can use it to communicate with people even if they have a different phone and OS from yours.

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