5 things to check before publishing a website

Your website is ready to go and you are going to publish it. Better to check 5 things to make sure everything is in order. It is like checking keys before leaving home, you need to check 5 things before you publish your website. Otherwise something may not be correct and people may not visit your website again. In fact it is better to view a website in a test subdomain before actually publishing it to live but even if you do that everything may not be same.

1)Check server environment you will upload your website to. It must be suitable with your script and all configurations must be done. For example if you will upload an aspx website on a Windows hosting, you need to check framework, IIS settings etc. If you will upload a PHP website, you may want to check php.ini file for extensions. If you use extra DLL files you may also need to check if you upload them as well.

2)Check directory permissions if needed. If your website requires file uploading or need to access some files, check your directory permissions. You may need to check Temp folder's permissions under Windows directory as well, if you are using an aspx website and running some stream based functions.

3)Make sure database connection is working and allows you to connect.

4)Check your links one more time. Make sure routings or .htaccess file works just fine.

5)Cross-browser checks. This step includes mobile devices too. Make sure your website works everywhere.

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