Content Marketing - Some innovative ways to further extend its reach

Content Marketing has become the most important marketing strategy of all the entrepreneurs especially who are involved in online business. Social media platforms have become common mediums used to promote it. However, time has come to think of some more innovative ways to help it in order to get an edge over the competitors.

Different methods that can be implemented:

Here are some innovative ways which you can implement to reach more people and make your content marketing far more appealing. Using smaller networks is crucial along with the large social media platforms to make it better. In the modern world there are various apps and software which are quite beneficial in various sectors.

One such app is Dubbler which works on both Android and iPhone platform. It enables sharing of audio messages in the Dubbler community. Hence you can communicate your excitement and info about your content and can publicize it as well by including the URL of your content in the message.

Another app on the iPhone platform named as Vine is another excellent medium to promote your content. Through it, you can create short videos which may act as teaser about the contents you have published. Another community named as SlideShare is an excellent content sharing and marketing platform and is growing its popularity rapidly in modern world. You can create slides giving a preview about the contents of your posts and can insert links to your content. These slides are easily searchable and visible in almost all social media networks apart from enjoying the large number of followers in SlideShare community.

One of the most effective tools for content marketing is the well-known Instagram app which updates feeds of images and has more than 150 million registered users. You just have to share the image of your post and title and URL of your post.

These are excellent ways to generate more traffic which is now proven by the experts. If you are not using these, make sure you adopt these ways in your content marketing strategies which will not only help in increasing traffic but also will make your content go viral on the web if it is of good quality and is interesting.

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