Diaspora and Facebook/Twitter

Diaspora just like Facebook or Twitter is a distributed social network system. This social network was introduced in 2010. This was after an undergraduate student from New York thought about building an alternative social media platform other than Facebook. He wanted to use a video to raise $10,000 but because of the scandals that Facebook was undergoing by that time the project received an overwhelming results because it was able to raise $200,000.

The campaign was a great success because it was supported by almost 6400 people hence the high contribution. The results of this project was so great that majority of the American media wrote about it in a very wide scope. The photo of the person who was promoting Diaspora was also published in the New York Times and this created a lot of interest from all over the world because people wanted to see what Diaspora was up to. Diaspora is a web application and it operates from a single server just like Facebook does.

As with other social networking sites, the application then allows users to interact and communicate to each other. When you log in to Diaspora you will be amazed by how similar it is to Facebook. Once you log in you will notice that just like Facebook, posts from your friends are displayed in the middle column. There are very few differences between Facebook and Diaspora making it impossible for people to notice them.

Diaspora unlike Facebook and Tweeter makes use of infrastructures from many servers. It is an open source code application and therefore it gives all people who want to have their own stand up server a chance. These individual stand up servers are known as pods. Each pod has its own diverse database and different users from all the others. The communication is made possible through API that is HTTP based. People are able to set up their own accounts and get followers just like in Facebook or Twitter.

Diaspora has a legal advantage because each one of the pods generated are regarded as distinct entity legally. The pods will be responsible for all the communication and all other activities under the law of the country where that pod is being operated. Unlike in Facebook the content posted in Diaspora does not have their rights given away. Diaspora is free software and it can be used by anybody.

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