Differences between branded and unbranded computers

There are huge differences between the branded or unbranded computers. Branded computers are mostly manufactured in the UK and United States. The people of the United States or United Kingdom love to use the high technology with the fastest speed. That is the reason why these manufacturing companies create good quality technology for their valued users. In branded computers, all hardware is provided by one company and complete computer provided by one brand. For example, HP manufactures their computers by installing all parts of HP. Therefore, the computer will be called a HP branded computer due to the one-brand parts.


These branded computers are reliable and durable. The reason is those branded computers consist of the same brand parts. The hard disk of the computer is an HP, Motherboard, RAM, DVD, etc. All the parts of the computer will be the same brand therefore; the combination of the parts will increase the speed of the computer and durability of the computer. This is called the branded computers. These are many famous brands like, HP, Dell, Sony, Lenovo, IBM etc.

Now talk about the unbranded computer. The computer consists of the different company’s parts. Therefore, the speed of these computers is slow as compared with the branded computers. Because the parts of the computer consists of the different brands, these parts aren't assembled in the best combination and the speed of the computer become slow. That is the reason why its recommended  to use branded computer for better computer speeds. Mostly the branded computer runs 10 years and does not become out of order compared to an unbranded computer.

How these unbranded computers made. When branded computers become old then companies sale these computers in the market at a cheaper price. Then the market seller disassembles the computer and put their parts in the unbranded computers. Unbranded computer can sometimes be assembled using obsolete technology. This is the reason why they are not reliable and durable.

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