Features of the Facebook Lite Extension

Does Facebook seem to be heavier for your device? If it is, then it may be time you switched to Facebook Lite, a lighter and easier version of the world’s most widely used social media site. The main advantage of this browser extension is that it allows users to use Facebook as an open message board.
The extension is the perfect tool for Facebook users who are literally addicted to the social site. It allows you to read the wall posts, news, share, chat and do a lot more. One of the main attractions of the extension is the Auto zoom feature that zooms photos when you hover the mouse over them.

In Facebook Lite, posts can be made by clicking on a button labelled, “Write”. There is no text box as in the case of Facebook. However, it doesn’t allow posting links on walls.

Posting photos is faster and lighter in Facebook Lite. It is possible to post pictures by just clicking on the “Post Photos” link given at the top of the page. The link allows you to create an album before adding the pictures. Similarly, there is the “Post Video” that enables addition of videos.

It will list friends’ birthdays on the top of the page and allows you to send them birthday wishes instantly. The feeds will immediately inform you if you or your friends are tagged in any photo.

Most importantly, Facebook Lite doesn't feature the Highlights and Suggestions section on the right side of the Facebook page. The entire list is missing and this makes the extension quite lighter. All the notifications can be checked from a tiny link given at the top of the page.

The Friend List is hidden in the form of a button under the user picture on the left side. The button allows easy and instant access to your friends list. There is another button under the Friend List button that enables you to check your own photos and videos.

The About section can be accessed from another button above the Friend List button. It allows you to update your personal information, which is visible to your friends. Besides, the Facebook Lite extension is constantly getting updated with the latest features, enabling you to enjoy all the major features of the main site without all the loading time and memory requirement.

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