How to choose a domain name?

One of most difficult steps is choosing a domain name when you decide to publish a website. In this article, you can find a few tips about how to choose a suitable and succesful domain name. The article covers only about domain names, not extensions and all examples will be given with com extension. Domain name is your first interact with your users and search engines and moreover, it is the most important keyword of your website to symbolyse it totally itself. That's why domain name is so important. But how to choose it wisely?

First of all, it should be as short as possible. Nobody will want to write on the address bar more than 2 times even if they need something. Nowadays our life tempo is tight and nobody wants to lose time so you should think like a user and select a short domain name. People tend to like domain names which are easy to write, easy to remember and easy to say. You will probably not tell to your friend about a domain name like even though it is considered as a short domain name. Or you can easily get confused when you hear a domain name like and miswrite it as

Domain names do not have to be meaningful. There are lots of domain names which did not have any meaning but became a brand themselves nowadays such as Google, Etsy, Yahoo. Yet, a keyword domain will probably have more chance to bring you higher on search engines like Of not to mention your domain name should be suitable with your website content.

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