How to protect your emails from being spied on

Terry Calvin 2014-01-20

Email is a convenient way of communication because it is cheap and secure. When you send an email to a person or an organization you are guaranteed that they will read the mail because unlike the other methods of sending mails, emails cannot get lost or misplaced. Emails save a lot of time because you will not have to wait for a long time to get a response. Email providers like GMail have live chats where you can communicate in real time without wasting time.

Emails sent for business purposes are supposed to very confidential to protect your business transaction and your business secrets. How do you protect your e-mail address from being spied on? Here are tips to help you keep your emails safe:

Make sure that you change your email passwords on a weekly basis. This will keep out people that might have mastered your password when you are working with them. There is a higher chance of people stealing your password if you prolong you password use over a long period of time.

Make use of anti virus and spyware detection software that will inform you of any malicious programs installed in your computer. When people want to spy on you they will go to any length to get the information they require. Make sure that you have in place good spyware detection programs that will notify you of any spy program in your computer and anti virus that will get rid of Trojan files out to spy on you,

Make sure that you log out every time you use your email. Spies are always behind you ready to strike at the slightest opportunity they get; keep them off by always logging of your email address after use.

When logging on there is an option that the computer gives you of whether you would like the computer to save your password for easy logging in next time. If you want to be safe always select never. This option will give anybody with access to your computer access to you inbox as they wish, never save your password or remain logged in.

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