How to send a fax through a computer running Windows XP

In the current era, fax has become very important because sometimes you need to send some document early to the other person or you have to share any news regarding official work or if you have any announcements regarding your organization then you can use this fax option.
However, if you do not have time to take a print out of news and scan it on the fax machine then send it via fax machine. Then the computer is best option to send the fax to anyone around the world. Follow the simple steps to install the fax option in the Windows XP.

In the first step, you need to put the XP CD in the CD drive then move to the Control panel of the windows. There is an option on the Add new hardware in the computer.

First, install the modem of the computer or laptop through the drivers.

Then add the fax driver through the Windows CD.

After the complete installation of the fax option then open, any document in the computer and Press Ctrl P then a window will appear, then select the fax option from there and type the receiver's telephone number in it and send it.

Make sure that your telephone line is connected to your computer or laptop modem or your receiver must have a fax machine to receive your signed document.

It is very easy to install the fax driver in the computer or laptop and it is the cheapest way to send the fax to anyone without purchasing the fax machine for sending the fax to anyone. Even it saves your time you just type the document and send it via computer or laptop. You do not need to go anywhere for sending the fax.

The technology is getting faster day-by-day therefore, you can also send the fax through the mobiles because the new generation mobile contains the advance option and an operating system by which you can send the fax through the mobile. Android and Apple Mac also contain this option in their operating system, therefore you can utilize that option while using those operating systems mobiles.

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