How WhatsApp Has Changed Communication In Kenya And East Africa

WhatsApp is simply a messaging application that one can download on to their smartphone. You can send and receive messages through other people’s mobile devices that are compatible with the application. Unlike SMS, WhatsApp uses the Internet connectivtiy on your phone, therefore you don’t have to pay for each individual message you send thereby making it much cheaper for users.

Through Kenya and East Africa WhatsApp has grown to become one of the most used applications for communication. It has a lot of features that can make chats even more enjoyable. The following are perhaps some of the reasons why most people in Kenya and around the East Africa region use WhatsApp

First of all the most benefiting thing about the application is its reduced cost. As long as you have a data package, or a Wi-Fi connection, you can always send and receive as many messages as possible at no additional cost. You can therefore reduce your monthly mobile phone bill, because you don’t have to pay for messages sent on WhatsApp.

Another reason as to why many people use WhatsApp is the richer type of messaging, unlike the common way of sending messages, WhatsApp comes with other included media messages. Through WhatsApp you can always include images, videos, audio files, contacts and the location that you are in and even emoticons in your messages.

One other famous feature of WhatsApp that has attracted millions of its users is the confirmation of message sent and received. A successfully received message has two little check marks. This way you can confirm if the recipient has received your message or not.

Easier group chats-through WhatsApp you can create a number of various groups with people you can chat with i.e. you can create a group for your family members, friends or even workmates.

If the conversations in your WhatsApp are crucial and important, you can always make backups of the conversations. You can always send the conversation history to someone through the email.

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