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Forex trading also known as foreign exchange involves trading money from different countries against each other. This is because currencies from different countries lose value or gain value against each other because of different reasons. Traders take advantage of this difference and make money. In the past this business was only limited to established financial institutions but in recent years it has been opened up to individuals, broker and government agencies due to the availability of the Internet.
The availability of the Internet has enabled people to benefit from this trade. Forex market is considered the biggest market in the world in terms of turnover that runs to two trillion USD in daily transactions. People around the world are able to conduct business around the clock from the comfort of their homes regardless of their geographical location.

To start this business you are required to open an online forex trading account that will help you to conduct this business. For beginners it is advisable to open a demo account first so that they can train in order to avoid making loses because loosing you entire capital is very easy if you are not properly trained. A demo account uses paper money for practice, when you feel that you are ready to risk, open a real account to trade with real money and start making profits.

Online forex trading is a very transparent business as there are no hidden charges or other extra commissions charged. The decision to sell or buy is only made by the trader when he feels convenient. Profit or loses are deposited in the traders account once the deal is closed. This trade does not remit a person to one market; you are allowed trade in all the best foreign exchange markets in the world.

Although it is one of the largest markets in the world, it is one of the most risky businesses in the world. Traders should be prepared to make loses and in some instances to lose their whole investment instantly in case of a slight mistake. This is trade for people who can handle high stress levels when they make lose.

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