Optimization of IT models

Optimizing IT infrastructure requires concerted action for a major cost-cutting impact in your business. Many business houses find it difficult to manage backup, and therefore your IT department should have optimized backup and recovery levels to ensure cost cutting. In the pursuit of backup, you can think of Dedupe which brings savings, only if you ensure that such disk Dedupe goes well with the present tape backup, even as the tape can be automated after data is taken to disc.

You have to ensure that both LAN and WAN, especially WAN have robust infrastructure, capable of higher levels of performance through residual bandwidth so that movement of data from one location to the other is speedier. WAN leasing is expensive, and thus you have to ensure that all data is optimized over a minimum bandwidth.


Optimization of IT model is possible through deduplication of data, ensuring that the movement of data-asset is fast and efficient. Towards cost cutting, in a virtualized server environment, it is necessary to lessen the use of hardware, which will make Disaster Recovery cheaper. Prefer GRID models or Domain-based servers or take the help of server solutions from big dealers like Microsoft, to bring forth virtualization for significant cost savings.   

For IT, SAN is very expensive, since it belongs to operation expenditure, normally four-times costly than capital expenditure. Ensure that you have a robust infrastructure which can be relied upon for storing data, and ensure that disaster-recovery and business continuity are well controlled. Storage costs can be brought down through deduplication of data. Replace SAN with iSCSI. Some of these steps can optimize your operating costs.

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