Rural India’s face off with computers

The computer and the Internet have made its impact in all the spheres of life. Knowing the importance of computers, the Government of India has started taking up various steps to spread computer literacy all over the country.

With the initiative taken up by different NGOs, government institutions and some IT institutions, have paved the way for reaching computers in many of the under developed regions of India. Be it the tribes of the tribal regions, villagers of villages or slum dwellers of cities, all have come to know the importance of computer in their everyday lives.

Many non-governing and governing institutions with the help of the government have taken up several different initiatives to provide computer literacy at all levels. They have started several curriculums at different levels such as schools, colleges and community centers so that most of the people can avail the knowledge related to computer.

With the encroachment of the Internet via computer in all the spheres of life, having the basic knowledge about computers and the Internet is very important for all. Computers and the Internet is nowadays used in everyday life such as while booking tickets for trains, buses, filling up online forms for enrolling in school, colleges, applying for jobs online, etc. Therefore the Government of India has set up different government institutions at all levels starting from cities to villages to provide computer literacy.

It is not an uncommon scene that every house has at least one computer and an Internet connection. If not so at least one member of the house owns a smartphone with Internet facility.

Though the government is trying their level best to achieve 100 % computer literacy in India by initiating several measures there still remains a gap in imparting such education in small towns, villages and financially weaker sections of the society. Therefore the government and the NGOs have to work really hard to spread computer literacy in every nook and corner of the country.

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