Speeding up your web experience with Google Chrome

“One password, all of Google”, is the message displayed on Gmail’s home page when one tries to sign into it. It truly is remarkable how Google has managed to make the use of the Internet easier for a user. Be it sharing photos through Picasa, watching videos on YouTube or just checking your email, Google has entered the market in almost every field possible.

Not only has Google Chrome made the web experience better, it has also made the basic requirement of the Internet, your browser, faster and enhanced. The fact that Chrome is compatible with our PCs, mobile phones as well as Apple devices, makes it possible for all Internet users in the world to access it.

Through Google Chrome, a user can stay signed into his Google account if he chooses to do so. This way, quick links are made easily accessible. You need not spend time typing in your email Id and password every time you need to check your email. Another interesting thing that Google Chrome offers is the ability to personalize your browser. Personalizing items gives the user a sense of familiarity, prompting them to use the same thing more often. Google Chrome also makes available a bunch of applications, paid as well as free of cost. Games form a huge part of these applications. These can be used to kill time while waiting for pages to load.

Google Chrome over other browsers

Google Chrome on an average computer takes only about five seconds. Toolbars are also an issue that Chrome has managed to simplify. When we download certain programs, there are toolbars that get downloaded as an add-on. They slow down our browsers and change our default search engines to their own sites. It can be agreed upon by 90% Internet users that Google Chrome is not only the most user friendly, but also the fastest browser there is!

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