The advantages of marketing through social media

Social media is known by many as just a simple way of making new friends while keeping in touch with the old ones. Many have not yet discovered the power of marketing that come with social platform. Numbers have show that a large percentage of Internet users converge on social media platforms in their billions. This has been made easy by the influx of smart phones all over the world.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and others are almost an addiction to many. It has been documented that a number of people cannot go for fifteen minutes without updating their profiles in these social media sites. This has become a way of life for them. This is the richest marketing ground that has ever existed on the face of the earth.

Companies and individual business men are already out to exploit this opportunity to its fullest. Some of the advantages of advertising using social media platforms include:

Small businesses are given a chance to advertise to an international audience. This would have been difficult to do using other methods of advertising.

Due to the ease of interaction and the social aspect of these networks, marketing becomes easy and casual. Making a sale here is easy because you are selling to friends.

The feedback received from clients are sincere. Your friend will be frank in telling you where you need to put emphasis and where you need to change.

Clients have trust in your product because they are coming from a person they can easily relate with.

In social media marketing, you will interact with professionals who are willing to offer their advices for free from a friend perspective, unlike other areas where you would normally have to pay to get such advice.

The cost of advertising is drastically reduced compared to other modes of advertising, like print media where advertising companies charge high prices.

The time used to prepare advertising templates is reduced. In social media it only takes a click of the button and the whole world will be able your advert.

Many people are able to see your advert in real time, when the news is hot. You are also able to get real time feedback.

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