Twitter and Facebook at the time they went public

Today, Facebook has over a billion active users. Twitter is relatively too small, but it has its share of success from an entirely different perspective. Facebook came out with its IPO in mid-2012, at a time when it had over 845 million active users per month. At the time When Twitter planned to go public, it had just over 215 million active users a month.

While 50 percent of Facebook users visited the site on their mobile device, Twitter stands with a better figure of 75 percent. There’s huge difference in the valuations. When Twitter came out with the IPO, it had around 13 percent the annual revenue of its competitor. While Facebook was valued at $100 billion, Twitter has been priced at around $10 billion.

This clearly shows that the two social sites operate at different levels of scales. Both the sites appeal to users for unique set of reasons.

The Discovery feature from Twitter is taking the social site in the direction of creating a social graph. It is based on an algorithm that displays tweets from users you follow and the ones they follow. Users and industry experts claim that Facebook has followed Twitter with its hashtag feature. Both the sites have sister sites for producing videos, Instagram for Facebook and Vine for Twitter. And both the sites are following common mobile ad revenues.

Compared to Facebook, Twitter runs on tweets and is different from Facebook by working as a real-time platform. The site allows you to check through Tweets instantly and explore deeper through photos, media, links and other applications.

Whenever any event happens, such as sports events, TV shows, natural disasters, or political events, Twitter works as the platform where the digital experience of these events takes place. Twitter turns into a medium for people to communicate at the time of these planned or unplanned events. This helps create authoritative shared experiences.

On the other hand, Facebook is general purpose, works as a kind of social fabric covering the entire web and requires a genuine identity.

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