Viability of Facebook and other social media networks

People have a tendency to approach marketing using traditional methods. To make the world know about your vision, your company or your dreams, marketing people have been relying on good old tools like television, radio, print, and of course spreading the message by word of mouth. The new generation has another tool, dismissing the traditional methods, akin to cars replacing horse and buggies, social media networks like Facebook are being preferred.

Can you imagine that Facebook was used for launching Ford Explorer, generating unprecedented traffic to the website, and providing that viability of social media has come to stay. Not only advertising or marketing, many campaigns are now launched on the social media, even as the Internet has become popular for a researching on various subjects, and Facebook has proven to be a place where even online clinical trials against smoking, for instance, were conducted.

This relatively fresh phenomenon of researching online samples is now being adapted to a great extent. With some networks like Facebook having more than a billion registered users, the reach if properly explored can be mind boggling.

With the face of social media changing, it emerges as a viable tool to reach people. In fact, HR departments are now geared to address their recruitment needs in various companies, to have a preliminary briefing in a few lines about the people they are searching for, and then start a chat with them, before finally calling them for face to face interviews; while at times there have been incidences when recruitments have been okayed on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

In recent times politics and campaigning have been linked to social media, and is being used to reach youth in India, on a massive scale. The presence of leaders online, has grown manyfold, and a fledgling party like Aam Aadmi in India, were able to turn the table on its political rival, albeit in a limited manner.

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