What are Domains, Workgroups and Peer-to-Peer Networks

There are three types of network: Peer-to-peer, Workgroup and Domain network. Organizations mainly use these three type of networks, depending on their needs and internal layout. Where there are two or more computers available in a company organization there will usually be a need to connect these computers also known as clients through a network. Let us see take a closer look at these types of networks:

Peer-to-Peer (P2P)

In this network, there are only two computers interconnected. In a peer-to-peer network, you do not need to use any switches or servers. A cross cable is all that is needed to connect both computers, which can simply be plugged into the network adapters of both computers and followed by manually assigning IP addresses to each computer like and Peer-to-Peer network is the easiest and cheapest type of network to set up. In this network only two computers communicate each other.


With workgroup, you can connect the two or more computers to each other because to create a Workgroup network you are required to use a switch therefore hundreds of computers can be interconnected. In workgroup networks, you can could also share a server by which you can access the data from the server and save data on the server. A downside of workgoups is that you cannot apply policies to the users. You can only make a file sharing server in a Workgroup environment. Users cannot centrally be restricted on Workgroups, they are free to use anything else and can also take company data easily. You need to install third party software on each computer for blocking access, therefore it is not a perfect solution.


Domain network is a perfect solution for the above network problem. You can fully restrict a company's user accounts through a domain network. In the Domain network, you are allowed to make policies and implement them on all the computers who have joined the domain. After joining the domain, the rest of the client computers become servants of the domain.

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