What is MasterCard PayPass

PayPass is a feature of the MasterCard that allows you to make purchases at your convenient time and safely. Through PayPass,
you do not need to swipe or insert cards MasterCard pay pass has been accepted by most countries in the world and can be used anywhere.

How PayPass works

The MasterCard PayPass uses a technology that works with the MasterCard PayPass terminal. When the card is tapped against the PayPass terminal, details about payments are transmitted wirelessly and the transaction automatically completes.

MasterCard PayPass has the following benefits

First it is convenient to use. Secondly it is rewarding - in that you can earn credit on your Bank of Montreal (BMO) credit card and you can also earn gifts when purchasing using PayPass. Mastercard Pay Pass is very secure.
The MasterCard PayPass card operations have very small range that requires the card to be tapped near the reader. Once your card is stolen or lost, it is easy to retrieve it back. This is because it can easily be replaced, and sometimes extended warranties are offered.
It is a very fast and easy medium to use. Purchasing products or services using the PayPass MasterCard quickens the payment process. No signature is required in order to use card.


MasterCard pay pass is only available on personal Bank of Montreal (BMO) credit cards. It is not operational on prepaid travel cards. Suppose your card has been used without your knowledge or consent, therefore you will not be hold responsible.

It is important to keep your card safe to avoid theft and loss. You should also keep your PIN secret and confidential. The PIN should also be separate from the card. In case of any loss, theft, or if you suspect that someone has maliciously been using your card without your authority, it is
advisable to notify the MasterCard company within 24 hours.

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